In the year 2000 the ensemble embarked on its „The four Elements“ – cycle of programms. After the success of „Altered landscapes – encuentro en el flamenco“ (2000), „Del Fuego“ (2002) and „Resonance – vientos de otra tierra“ (2005), the last stage of the cycle was completed in 2009 with „ Del Mar“.

2009 - Del Mar

Del Mar The „Del Mar“ programm takes the myths and legennds of the sea as the basis for another captivating journey of discovery in music and dance. Whale songs, the dangers of the deep, wild storms and seductive mermaids, all find their way into the stage show. The ensemble’s own „seagreen“ compositions and new interpretations of old-forgotten spanish songs blend in perfectly with La Tina’s choreographies. An audio-visual maritime odyssey.

2005 - Resonance - vientos de otra tierra

Resonance - vientos de otra tierra In „Resonance“ the ensemble explored the elements earth and wind as inspiration for the original music and choreographies. For the musical compositions, the resonance-frequency of the earth was taken as the central harmonic point of reference. The music, song lyrics and dance choreographies were created at and further inspired by the Costa de la Luz region of Andalucia where the notorious levante winds shape both the landscape and the human culture.

2002 - Del Fuego

Del Fuego The „Del Fuego“ programm was a daring confrontation with the element fire, live on stage. A co-production with the fire-artist Hanno Schwarz. Fire as a destructive and creative force. And as the magical and ritual element. As an impressive theatrical presence. Out of this confrontation and synergy arose a fascinating game between the elemnt, the dance and the music.

2000 - altered landscapes - encuentro en el flamenco

Mit dem Programm „altered landscapes - encuentro en el flamenco“ stellte das Ensemble ein Crossover-Projekt vor, das es in dieser Form und instrumentalen Zusammensetzung noch nie gegeben hat. Die Neuinterpretation von Flamenco mit Einflüssen aus der slawischen Volksmusik, mit den lyrischen, melancholischen Klängen des Akkordeons und der Violine, war sehr erfolgreich.