Press clippings

„Already the instrumental line-up is unusual. In addition to the familiar guitar, here we also find percussion, accordion and bass. In spite of this the music of The Amber Ensemble appears so conclusive and compact that even flamenco purists rub their ears in amazement. But, with such a successful fusion of musical traditions, one should perhaps no longer look for musical roots. Mainly thanks to the musical genius of the guitarrist and composer Michal Abramski, a totally new musical form has been born. But it sounds as if it has been familiar to us for decades.“

„The members of the ensemble, all virtuosos of the highest caliber, appear to have created their own identity in music and dance; one which cannot be compared with anything which has been seen or heard in the flamenco context to date. In the dance numbers the connection of the musicians to the dancer La Tina revealed itself to be so natural that music and dance drove each other on to an unbelievable performance.“
Anda - Flamencomagazine

„All showed themselves to be experts in their field. La Tina presented expressive flamenco; she drew on her enormous technique and fantasy with suspense and articulation. With an unshakeable rhythm she created improvisations full of atmosphere. Her zapateados were of truly elemental power and she brought them to breathtaking culminations in syncopated finales.“
Neue Zuger-Zeitung

„One is impressed by the individual class of the musicians in the quartet. Again and again they bewitch the audience with moments of great fullness and intensity. And La Tina delivers that electrifying mix of rebellion, pride and grace that it takes to give the Andalusian flamenco a new interpretation with the pure power of personality. Intensifying from piece to piece, she amazes with her terrific foot technique as well as with her exceptionally widely reaching arm movements.“
Basler Zeitung 29.01.2005

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Del Fuego
Resonance - vientos de otra tierra