The Amber Ensemble flamenco and eastern european music

La Tina & The Amber EnsembleThe special character of the ensemble arose in a series of stage productions in which music and dance combine with and inspire each other in a creative synergy. The ensemble created and continues to cultivate ist own original fusion of flamenco and eastern european music. An at once powerful and melancholy character which also reflects the ethnic bacgrounds of the group members (Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian and Swiss) and remains unique in the currently bewildering array of musical styles on the „World Music“-scene.

1986 The Origins of The Ensemble

The origins of the ensemble go back to 1986, when the flamenco dancer La Tina – after her education in Madrid by some of the greatest teachers of this genre – began her stage career. Therafter followed several years as soloist in various traditional flamenco formations with performances in many contries, through the whole of Europe and as far as Australia.

1999 - La Tina & The Amber Ensemble

The current ensemble arose out of the artistic partnership between La Tina and the globetrotting polish guitarrist and composer Michal Abramski. All of its members are professionally trained musicians and experienced as concert soloists in various musical genres.

Ensemble Members

Dance & choreography La Tina
Guitar, compositions & backing vocals Michal Abramski
Vocals, percussion & palmas Pedro Navarro
Accordion Andrej Ichtchenko
Violin Lukasz Sieroslawski